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Beyond Change is a program developed through a social impact lens to support college readiness, workforce development, and community-police relations. Specifically, it assists youth, law enforcement, community organizations and business and industry leaders in promoting positive change through collaborative partnerships and community engagement.

The Beyond Change Model conceptualizes social impact broadly and combines the key components of College & Workforce Development, Youth & Law Enforcement Interaction, Mentoring & Life Readiness, and Community Engagement to provide opportunities and overcome challenges in underserved communities.

Beyond Change is designed to enhance social interactions, promote life readiness, and increase school-to-employment opportunities.

The model consists of the following goals:

  • Through its “College & Workforce Development” sessions, Beyond Change will help youth to understand their personality type, learning styles, and non-cognitive strengths and the career pathways that match their results
  • Through its “Youth & Law Enforcement Interaction” activities, Beyond Change will provide non-enforcement activities to develop trust between youth and officers, educate youth on the concept of community policing, and improve law enforcement ability to understand how youth view police
  • Through its “Mentoring & Life Readiness” component, Beyond Change will enable youth and officers to develop an appreciation for each other and work together to address challenges and identify solutions
  • Through its “Community Engagement” component, Beyond Change will give youth and officers a platform to utilize social capital resources to identify issues that they can address to positively impact and build capacity in their community
  • Through this highly advanced collaborative approach, this model empowers all partners to engage in discussions and find solutions to challenges facing their community.
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