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The HOPE Initiative is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides a unique system of support and partnerships to carry out its mission to provide equal access to educational and workforce opportunities for individuals living in under-resourced communities.

In serving individuals who might not otherwise have access to college, career and life readiness without our help, we improve educational equality and remove barriers to college completion and career opportunities.


We envision promoting positive change by partnering with other nonprofit organizations and business and philanthropic stakeholders to create a culture where educational opportunities empower individuals and improve the quality of life for the communities we serve.

Core Values:

The HOPE Initiative values human capital, innovation and data; putting our faith in partners and supporters to assist us in delivering programs and services to landscapes locally, regionally, nationally and globally anchoring the work we do in these core values:

Commitment to Continuous Improvement – Through strategic planning, we intentionally evaluate and analyze our programs, data, and partnerships for maximum productivity.

Power of Partnership – We thrive on collaborating and working with communities, students, partners, and donors to build a foundation for success.

Spirit of Achievement – We strive to position everyone we touch with the tools, resources, opportunities and networks necessary to navigate through college graduation, and into the 21st century workforce.


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