As a nonprofit, we are always actively searching for opportunities to work in concert with business and philanthropic communities to make sure that the youth we serve are prepared for all aspects of their post-secondary education.

Whether you’re an individual, community group, small business or corporation, we offer several opportunities to leave a lasting impact on disadvantaged youth.

By donating to The HOPE Initiative, you foster an idea that we as a community can come together to transform the lives of our most vulnerable youth to provide them with access to education beyond high school.

Further, through your contributions, you are making more than an investment – you are committing to enhancing the future of young people that we are intentionally grooming with the ultimate goal of growing the 21st century workforce by cultivating and creating a pipeline of skilled talent that the communities we serve and the people in them can continue to be proud of.

Connect with us to invest in transforming the lives of young people by building their capabilities and creating access to opportunities to education and life readiness.

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